College Leadership

I am glad you are considering leadership and where you might fit. Below is an explanation of each of the roles we offer. Read through each listing as you seek to discover where your passions, skills, and purpose align with our needs. As you apply, you are welcome to click multiple options and we will discuss this more during your leadership interview. Please note: positional leadership is not the only way to serve your church, community, and campus. Whether or not you are selected to lead a group or coordinate a ministry, we still need your skills, passions, and ideas to best reach students.

Campus Outreach

Our campus team works to create conversations and opportunities on a regular basis on the campus of Texas A&M. In the past we have used popsicle/coffee/lemonade tables, 30 second surveys, and evangelism appointments to create these opportunities. This team lead must be passionate about reaching the campus and the many people who lack community, the Gospel, and hope. Scripture clearly shows us that ministry is done where people are, so we are taking ministry on campus. 

Guest Connection

This coordinator will help first time guests connect with our ministry through creating a welcoming atmosphere while they are at church and following up with them when they leave. This leader is essential to getting new guests fully assimilated into our ministry and connecting them to community and service. We need a leader with great administrative skills and a passion for seeing new guests in Biblical community.

Events Coordinator

This leader will head up the coordination of many of our First College events. We are looking for someone who has creative ideas and administrative skills to create and host events. This position is vital to helping our students connect with each other and with the ministry. Whether the events are spiritual in nature (equipping nights) or just fun (karaoke night), these events are important to our ministry’s mission.

Creative arts/media

Our creative arts team wants to use the talents and gifts of our students in a variety of areas--from designs for informational cards and sermon images, to taking photos, running social media accounts, or even website updates and improvements. If you are creative and/or have experience in photography, graphic design, videography, website development, or any other creative medium, we need your expertise--or else Jordan will revert back to clip art! This team lead must understand the importance that digital media and communications play in reaching, engaging, and equipping students. Digital media skills are important to this position, but above all, this person must understand how this role helps us reach people and make disciples.

Freshman Engagement

Freshman year is hard as students are forced to make major life transitions often on their own. Our freshman engagers will be focused on helping freshmen transition and find community. These leaders will create freshmen events, connect throughout the week with freshmen, and seek ways to help students through this transition.

Missions Coordinator

Missions are critical to the Kingdom of God. We need a missions coordinator who is ready to take over our current missions and service opportunities as well as create new one. You will also connect with the missions opportunities of our church and local missions/service organizations in town.

Small Group Leader

As a small group leader, your responsibility is to create an environment where students can share, learn, listen, and grow. Small group leaders are not teachers but involvers of the students in their group. As you gather together each week, your goal is to provide a space where people are comfortable to share, where the group is learning the Word, and where you are helping them in developing relationships to face the challenges of life. Finally, a small group leader does more than be present on the specified night for 1.5 hours, but tries to actively use the other 167 hours of the week to involve themselves and the group in each other’s lives.