Check out all the different ways you can serve within the First Baptist community!


  • Evangelism - Helping with evangelism would include helping coordinate groups and times to go FISHing. You will help publicize local ministry events and help plan prayer meetings. You will encourage evangelism in small groups and help answer any questions people have about what evangelism is and why we should do it. Ask your small group leader for more information. For the Creation to Christ reading plan, click here.
  • Media - If you want to help Sunday morning happen, this is the team for you! If you are interested in working with sound boards, pro presenter, lighting, livestream, graphic design, videography, photography and more, we can find a place for you. We are in need of more tech team members and would love for you to join the team in behind the scene service. Contact Hayden Gilliam at 469-999-5017 or Cooper May at 254-368-7867 for more information.
  • Kids Worship- If you are interested in helping in children’s ministry, this is the place for you! You can help teach kids about Jesus through song and dance. There are also opportunities to write children's devotionals as well as help with lessons in the classroom. If you love a good song and dance, then join children’s worship and help us grow future leaders in Christ.
  • Food Pantry - Food pantry is one of the best ways our church serves the College Station community. Hundreds of families each week are fed by the food pantry, and it is such an amazing opportunity to witness and show love to our neighbors. As a helper you can help sack bags on Monday afternoons or even help serve the bags to families on Tuesday mornings. Contact Sam Vinal at 832-702-6100 for more information.
  • Greeter Team- On greeter team our goal is that everyone new meets someone on their first visit. We do this through name tags and cookie delivery every week. This team is important because we make sure that we create an environment where people feel welcome so that they may grow closer to God and to a trusted community with whom they can go through life. Contact Ame Morgan at 470-865-2102.
  • Food Team- Almost every single event or fun activity we do involves food in some way, shape or form. As a part of the food team you will be asked to serve food, make food, and pick up food when needed. This could involve putting gloves on and serving chicken at First Sunday Lunches or grabbing a church card and going grocery shopping for an event we are holding. Contact Lacy Dunn at 214-476-2051 for more information
  • Prayer Team- The prayer team's mission is to cover FBC, its ministries, and its events in prayer. Prayer is how we keep in contact with God. Please join us on the prayer team, and/or fill out our prayer request form so we can be praying for you! 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Contact Klein Wheatley at 832-441-1964 for more information.

Youth Ministry - First Students is focused on helping middle and high school students become passionate followers of Christ. FSM meets every Wednesday in the youth building at 6:00 pm. Applications to be a community group leader come out for the beginning of each semester. If you missed it this semester, you can still be involved in our various retreats and special events.If you are interested in serving First Students, please contact Cooper May at Cooper@fbccollegestation.com 

  • Saddlewood- Saddlewood is an opportunity to serve and connect with local kids. We encourage and care for them through our weekly visits, playing sports, praying, and getting to know them. All you need to do is show up and be willing to hang out with some cool kids! Contact Cooper at 254-368-7867.
  • Discipleship - Please give us your information if you feel led to be discipled or to disciple someone else! We believe that discipleship is a huge part of our lives as believers. This is a time to meet weekly with a person and dive into the Word together. Sharing with one another how you can be praying for each other and holding each other accountable in your day to day lives. We believe faith forms best with friends and that is what discipleship is!! Contact Lacy Dunn at 214-476-2051 for more information.
  • Worship - Our goal as a worship team is to glorify God and lead others to worship Him! We do this through Sunday mornings, worship nights, and by leading out in worship with our lives on stage and off stage, on Sunday and throughout the week. By joining this team you are committing to preparing on your own for rehearsals, attending an hour and a half rehearsal the week before, and arriving early on Sunday mornings! If you are interested, please text Cooper at 254-368-7867.