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Principal Function: The Business Administrator will be responsible for providing leadership in administration of the daily operations of the church and fiscal management.


1.   Supervise the daily business operation of the church, as well as all financial and human resource matters for the Mother’s Day Out program. 

2.   Assist the church trustees in legal and business matters. 

3.   Coordinate individual ministry budget requests and develop an annual comprehensive budget proposal for use by the Budget and Finance Committee. 

4.   Work in conjunction with the Treasurer, Financial Assistant, and Financial Procedures & Practices Oversight Committee to ensure existing financial policies are followed. Develop new and update existing financial policies as needed. 

5.  Supervise the Building Superintendent and help Building Superintendent oversee all aspects of the church facilities. 

6.  Work with the Long-Term Investment Subcommittee to ensure all existing policies are followed, as well as, communicate with brokers regarding the subcommittee’s investment strategies/decisions for the church’s investment funds.

7.  Supervise the work of the Financial Assistant.

8.  Supervise the maintenance and upkeep of the church computer systems contracts with service providers.. This includes all hardware, software, and licenses.

9.  Provide oversight for the insurance and risk management needs of the church.

10. Review monthly receipts and expenditures before reports are published.

11. Serve as staff liaison with the Budget and Finance Committee, the Teller Committee, the Long-Term Investment Subcommittee, the Properties Committee, and the Financial Practices & Procedures Oversight Committee. In addition, because of Human Resource duties, attend the Personnel Committee meetings. 

12. Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.